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YODEL provides precise technology scouting and match making for large corporates, SMEs and startups in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. As a digital deployment hub, YODEL facilitates impactful business collaboration among local and global cluster ecosystems. Since its launch, YODEL supports SHIFT Zurich to accelerate the development of bioinspired innovation and finance frameworks. YODEL is a partner of the Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA) representing more than 50 Clusters with 10,000 companies from across the world.


Terrapin Bright Green believes natural systems offer solutions to society’s most pressing technology challenges. Reconnecting people with the environment will lead to a healthy, prosperous, and regenerative future for all. We leverage high-performance design, whole systems thinking, and research in biophilic design, bioinspired innovation, and ecological design to make this goal a reality. This breadth of work and experience enables us to develop creative, impactful solutions for our clients – increasing their revenues while reducing risk and costs.


The biomimetics network of excellence, BIOKON, is the umbrella for over 100 universities, research institutions, businesses and individuals from the whole of Germany and Europe, all of whom work in the field of biomimetics. The major aims of BIOKON are: bundling and networking existing expert knowledge, implementing, accompanying and executing R&D projects, training and educational efforts, and offering and coordinating PR for biomimetics. BIOKON converts knowledge into added value. In the last decade, BIOKON has established as a central hub for information on and contacts in biomimetics and thus developed into a peer- level liaison entity for various user groups and user industries.


The Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University uses nature’s design principles to develop bio-inspired materials and devices that will transform medicine and create a more sustainable world. The Wyss Institute crosses disciplinary and institutional barriers to engage in high-risk research that leads to transformative technological break-throughs. These technologies are translated into commercial products and therapies through collaboration with clinical investigators, corporate alliances, and new start-ups.


The Zurich Zoo is a cultural institution in Zurich, acting as the ambassador between human beings, animals and nature. The Zoo’s mission is to engage and educate a wide range of visitors and stakeholders in order to protect natural habitats, support sustainability and biodiversity, according to the slogan “knowing animals leads to protecting them”. As one of the world’s most respected Zoos Zurich is building a global network to further drive its mission. One result is the SHIFT Zurich held in 2012 for the first time at the Zurich Zoo in Switzerland